JRAF2 logo   Java Resource Accounting Framework, 2nd edition
Portable resource accounting and control in pure Java



  • Walter Binder (walter /dot/ binder /at/ unisi /dot/ ch)
  • Jarle G. Hulaas (jarle /at/ hulaas /dot/ ch)
  • Alex Villazón (alex_villazon /at/ hotmail /dot/ com)

Further contributors:

  • Francesco Devittori
  • Vladimir Calderon
  • Rory Vidal
  • Andrea Camesi
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Project Partners

EPFL The Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL):
  • The Software Engineering Laboratory
  • The Artificial Intelligence Laboratory
  • SNF  This work has benefited from three grants
    of the Swiss National Science Foundation.

    Partners during early phases of the project :

    CUI The Computer Science Department of the University of Geneva, Switzerland,
    with the Teleinformatics and Operating Systems Group.
    CoCo CoCo Software Engineering GmbH

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